Have you ever questioned how some non-talented people actually made it to the top? Or sat wondering “what’s stopping me from getting where I want to be”? The truth is, it’s all about access. Yes, genuine access and relationships to people with the experience and information that you simply don’t have. The fact that society is made up of levels is no secret. Having access to a mastermind team of experts at the highest levels of where you want to be is the real cost that even major brands have to pay. The experts hold the information and skills that can get you to another level. Having that access is the difference between being unknown and having a well-known brand.  


A Select Group of


The Cover360ixty™ creative community is a selective group of skilled experts that, as a member, you will have direct access to. You will gain the naked truth from private conversations and protected information that is hidden from the general public. 

Insider Knowledge

Cover360ixty™ has sensitive information that has built multi-million-dollar brands. We have a rare direct connection to Forbes list executives and entertainers who have taught our executive team for many years the forbidden knowledge of how to secure and market valuable intellectual property.

No Gimmicks. No B.S.

This is not a gimmick. We’ve been respectfully gaining experience and working day and night with major label reps for years, and have finally built a creative community that includes moguls who are willing to share their knowledge with our members.  They are have joined forces with us because of our reputation and hard work, dedication, and commitment to building successful brands.