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Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Age: 47
Charting:  Movies Domestic, Box Office International, Box Office Worldwide, Box Office,As an Actor Supporting 16 $591,488,516 $548,346,138 $1,139,834,654, Lead Ensemble Member 7 $124,946,821 $13,229,319 $138,176,140, Leading 7 $14,024,461 $344,926 $14,369,387, Cameo 1 $112,950,721 $63,151,000 $176,101,721, (Unclassified) 12 $247,904,663 $78,161,749 $326,066,412, In Technical Roles Producer 2 $0 $0 $0, Executive Producer 1 $9,097,072 $0 $9,097,072
Top Streaming: N/A
Known For: Def Comedy Jam (TV series); Next Friday (movie); Friday After Next (movie); The Hangover (movie); BET Hip Hop Awards (TV series); Survivor's Remorse (TV series)
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Bio: Michael Elliot Epps (born November 18, 1970) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, film producer, writer, and rapper. He is best known for playing Day-Day Jones in Next Friday and its sequel, Friday After Next, and also appearing in The Hangover as "Black Doug". He was the voice of Boog in Open Season 2 (replacing Martin Lawrence). As of 2010, Epps was the executive producer on a documentary about the life story of a former member of Tupac Shakur's Outlawz, Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw. He is also known for playing Lloyd Jefferson "L.J." Wade in Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) respectively.

*Streaming Sources: YouTube; iTunes

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