How do I earn money? 
We share $1 (33% commission) from each monthly membership with the person who recruited that member. This means that for every month that the person you recruited is an active Cover360ixty™ member paying $2.99, you will be paid $1 of residual earnings.  As a paid Cover360ixty™ member you will also receive personal coaching on how to participate in this wealth sharing opportunity. As a paid member, you will receive access to additional ways to earn money and bonuses from Cover360ixty™ that empower your creative career. We are the app that pays you’ we’ve got you covered.

How do I get started? 
To get started, tap “GET YOUR CODE” under the “Earn” menu. Enter your email address and name to receive your invitation link. Once you receive your personalized link, share it with your social network. Paid Cover360ixty™ members will receive customized support from our certified pros to help you maximize your earnings.

When will I receive Cover360ixty™ earnings? 
All earnings are paid on the 15th day of each month; if the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, earnings will be paid on the following business day. Cover360ixty™ members become eligible to receive earnings pay outs following their first full month of membership. For example, if a member joins on March 8th, they become eligible for earnings on April 8th, and will receive their first earnings pay out on May 15th.  You must be an active member on the 15th to receive earnings payment.

How can I get Cover360ixty™ to pull up live at my school? 
Cover360ixty™ is committed to the development of children’s educational growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. We partner with the GoVirtualGreen.org 501(c)3 non-profit to create all-expense-paid events and bring celebrities, motivational speakers, STE[A]M workshops, rewards and prizes with us to deserving schools and universities.