Does it cost me anything? 
Yes. We believe “you get what you pay for.” This is why we charge a small monthly membership fee of $2.99.  This fee obligates Cover360ixty™ by law to provide quality service to our clients and partners.

Do you require exclusivity? 
No. You can do whatever you want with your content, other than sign an exclusive publishing agreement elsewhere.

What kind of Artists are you looking for? 
Cover360ixty™ filters the content of its catalog to ensure that only ‘quality’ content is offered to our clients. We do not sell short sound clips, sound effects, or badly recorded tracks. Tracks will only be accepted if they meet a certain recording quality standard. In terms of artist types, we sign all types of music including soloists, choirs and even orchestras. We cover every genre including pop, rock, jazz, dance, country, classical, hip-hop, contemporary etc. When a client is creating an advert, TV show or film, there is no limit to the type of material they may require and we are constantly surprised!

Can I submit covers or use samples? 
You are declaring that all the material is fully original when it is submitted and that you are the owner. Tracks therefore cannot contain samples(unless you have the license to use the samples) or be covers (unless you have written consent of the original owner). Tracks can only be submitted if all the parties who own rights sign, so unless you tell us otherwise and provide details you are declaring you are the sole writer and owner of the track and are legally indemnifying us to that effect.

Are you only looking for full songs or will you also accept instrumentals? 
We want both if you have them. You will drastically increase the chances of your song being placed if you also supply us with the instrumental as well as vocal versions of the same song. We will also accept purely instrumental pieces as long as they have a fully developing theme.

How should material be formatted? 
We accept files in an uncompressed audio or video format, such as .mp3, .mp4., .mov, .wav, .aif.