Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Age: 26
Known For: BET, TV One, Investigation Discovery, Reelz TV

Social: Instagram Twitter

Bio: Kimia' M. Workman is an American film and television actress, writer, producer, artist, and former media personality from Baltimore, Maryland. At the age of 6 she began to explore the field of entertainment, attending Anna Appacella’s Dance School. There, she flourished as a tap, ballet, and jazz dancer, later transitioning to modeling and acting. She would write raps at an early age and always knew every song from Lil Kim. At the age of 11, she began to shift into sports. By high school, Workman was a three season athlete, participating in volleyball, basketball, and softball.

After high school, Kimia’ attended Baltimore City Community College on a basketball and volleyball scholarship, where she earned her Associates degree. She then later transferred to Morgan State University. After earning her degree in Telecommunications with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism, she sought to be an on air personality, actress, and entertainer. While also studying theater in school, she was able to maintain her studies, graduating with honors, participate on her college dance team called the Morganettes, put on theater productions, and began to write music.

While studying theater, she also attended many acting seminars and workshops, later landing roles in plays, short films, web series and feature films. She was a solo artist, then later joined a group where she performed songs across Baltimore and DMV on stages and in talent showcases. Taking a break in music, Kimia' is now back at it, stronger and better than ever. Kimia' has made appearances on networks such as BET, TV One, Investigation Discovery, and Reelz TV, just to name a few. She has currently written a 2 seasons of her hit webseries Shock Nation, 3 short films, 2 feature films and founded her production company TruTalent Creative Works in 2014.

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